Sermon and Worship For Palm / Passion Sunday (April 4th)

Dear Calvary Family:

May the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with you! As you likely know by now, Calvary made the prayerful decision to cancel worship at the church for the next few weeks. This was a difficult decision, but one made in faith, by God's leading, in order to help protect our members and friends; and also to help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus within the community.

However, we shall still worship together Sunday from a distance!  Below are materials you can use for your Sunday worship.  You may begin by listening to the piano prelude while opening the "Order of Worship" link, and then follow along from there; each part of the service is linked to in order. You may worship at any time that is best for you, but consider doing it at our normal meeting time at 10 AM Sunday morning.  Then, afterwards (maybe around 11:00), consider calling another Calvary member (or maybe a few) to discuss and pray together over the phone.  Or submit a prayer request via the link below.  Those things can also be part of our worship together.  

This morning's praise songs - with lyrics!

Sermon: "The Greatest Comeback"

Matthew 27:15-54

If you have a prayer request you can submit it using our online form, or e-mail or call Pastor Keith directly.  

Impromptu in A-flat Major D. 935 No. 2 by Franz Schubert

Performed by our music director Sandy Huang


Phone: (734) 971-3121

Rev. Keith Cornfield, Pastor

Jan Fleming, Secretary/Office manager                 

Hsin-yi "Sandy" Huang, Music Director/Accompanist

Steven Backues, Praise Team Coordinator

Betty Lang, Music Director Emerita